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What is SO15?

Since the tragic events of 9/11 and 7/7, the world we live in has changed beyond recognition. Terrorism, both on an international and domestic scale, poses a very real and serious threat. As the threat evolves, so must the way in which we respond to and combat it.

Having undertaken an unprecedented number of counter-terrorist investigations spanning the globe since the millennium, the work carried out by our world-renowned Special Branch (SO12) and Anti-Terrorist Branch (SO13) was becoming increasingly complex. Following a substantial review of how these commands operated and interacted with one another, it was agreed that a single unified command would be able to offer an increased level of capability and capacity. So in 2006 we launched Counter Terrorism Command, or SO15. With an unwavering focus on fighting terrorism, SO15 brings together expertise in intelligence analysis and development, investigation and operational support activity.

At SO15, it's our responsibility to bring to justice anyone engaged in terrorist, domestic extremist and related offences. By gathering and exploiting intelligence on terrorism and extremism in London, we provide a proactive and reactive response to these offences, including preventing and disrupting terrorist activity. As always, our priority is to keep London safe.

Since SO15 launched, 42 people have been convicted for committing or conspiring acts of terrorism. In total they received more than 588 years imprisonment. Currently, 85 people are awaiting trial charged with terrorism-related offences, including conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause explosions. Each of London's 32 boroughs now has a Counter Terrorism Liaison Officer from SO15 to provide expertise at borough level. We have also set up an Anti-Terrorist Hotline to increase the flow of community intelligence to the Met.

As we look to the future, we will continue to evolve and grow to ensure that London remains a hostile environment for terrorists. To that end, we currently have vacancies for Police Constables and Detective Constables to join our teams.

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