About the Metropolitan Police Service

London. It's one of the world's biggest, most vibrant and most complex cities. Home to over 8.5 million people and covering 620 square miles, it presents a unique and ever-evolving policing challenge.

Rising to this challenge is the MPS. With over 40,000 officers, staff and volunteers, the MPS is one of London's largest employers - making a lasting contribution to the lives of Londoners.

Policing a city as large, complex and culturally diverse as London presents a wide variety of challenges. It's why we're interested in new recruits with such a range of life experiences and backgrounds. And it's why the ability to build trust and relationships with very different people is so important. More than this, you need to take genuine pride in making the capital's neighbourhoods safer for everyone.

London is a 24 hour city, of course. So this is far from a 9-5 job. You have to be prepared for a lifestyle where shift work is the norm and the working day can be at night. You need to be prepared for difficult and dangerous situations too - though there's no reason to be daunted. Through our training, and the back-up of your team, you'll soon be ready to face anything.

We believe that direct entrants bring new ideas, fresh perspectives and broader senior leadership qualities to our team. Direct entry is part of a bigger picture that will enable the Met to attract as wide a variety of people as possible. And it's this diversity that will ensure we continue to keep London safe.

About You

Adaptable, resilient and committed. These are the three words that first spring to mind. We're looking for proven leaders. People who are confident making rational decisions under pressure. People who are used to being in positions of responsibility. And people who are already role-models in their own right.

You'll need to be fit and healthy, possess a high level of personal integrity, and have an exceptional ability to understand and influence people from all walks of life.

You will be a proven leader and will have been responsible for controlling and running an area of business. You will have been in charge of implementing and supervising plans and strategies formulated by more senior management. You will have been responsible for other members of staff and for ensuring that work is achieved through those you are responsible for. You will have also had to relay to more senior management how you have met your responsibilities whilst also being a voice to those you manage and develop.

For role specific information please visit the College of Policing's Lead Beyond site.