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Policing one of the world's most vibrant cities can be challenging, exciting and, with a supportive team around you, incredibly rewarding.

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There are all sorts of reasons why people join the Met as a constable. For some, it is all about being part of the community; giving something back. Others love the excitement of the role, the fact that every day brings different challenges. There are people who like having so much scope for career development. We offer excellent promotion opportunities, and the chance to move into different specialisms. Then there are the people who say being a police officer is simply something they have always wanted to do.

Whatever your own reason for wanting to join us as a new police constable, we are sure you will relish the chance to make such a big difference to so many people. You will be someone who enjoys new opportunities and taking on exciting challenges. You will know how to engage with communities and build positive relationships with all kinds of individuals. If you are able to speak a second language (in addition to English), that would be desirable but it is not essential. The Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP), your initial training and your probationary period will equip you with all the skills and experience that you need to become a valued police officer.

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Being a full-time officer isn't for everyone. But you can still make a valuable contribution to London by volunteering for the Met as a special constable. To find out more, visit

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Our mission is to make life in London safer for all the people we serve. Find out how we're achieving this in a city that's home to millions.

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As the face of the Met, you'll be dealing with local communities, building relationships and combating crime. Get an insight into the role and a behind-the-scenes look at life in the Met.

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We'll make sure you're equipped to tackle the different challenges we face. From your Certificate in Knowledge of Policing and through your initial training, discover the development opportunities you'll have access to.

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Becoming a Police Constable offers a stable, respected career that you can be proud to perform - and that could progress in many different directions.