Training and development

The MPS has changed the way it will train you as a newly recruited police constable. Before you come to the MPS, you will need to have gained a Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP) ahead of training with us. The new training programme has been developed to recognise this prior learning and build upon that knowledge.


You will complete the following stages of development throughout your first two years - your probationary period:

  • Foundation Training Course
  • Coached patrol module and Police Action Checklists
  • Continuation training
  • Completion of the Student Officer Record of Competence which measures new recruits attainment and ability to be deployed independently (Independent Patrol Status)
  • Probationary Performance Development Reviews at 6, 12 and 18 months service with a completion of probation report at 2 years.

If you successfully complete these, you will be confirmed as a police constable on appointment at 2 years service.

Foundation Training

The Foundation Training Course will build on the core knowledge you gained from the CKP whilst avoiding unnecessary duplication. The Foundation Training Course covers a number of specific topics, including:

  • Officer Safety
  • Emergency Life Support
  • Public Order
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • IT systems operations

There is a practical emphasis on the training. For example, you can expect to complete actual documentation, such as arrest notes, to reinforce learning and the practical application of your knowledge.

Coached Patrol & Police Action Checklists

Coached patrol takes place at a police station. You will patrol alongside experienced police officers, who will provide a coach/mentor role, whilst on patrol. You will be expected to demonstrate competence across a variety of areas, including interacting with the public, investigation and filling out key documentation.

Once you have successfully concluded the coached patrol module you will have formally completed your initial police foundation training – you're now ready to start to work in a borough police station.

Development during the Probationary Period

As a new police constable, you must undertake a 2 year probationary period, the majority of which takes place on local borough police stations. Formal completion of the probationary period has two elements:

  • Acquirement of Independent Patrol Status through completion of the Student Officer Record of Competence
  • Recommendation through the performance development review

During the probationary period, you will be under continuous assessment and will have to complete a student officer record of competence to demonstrate you are of the required standard to work on your own - Independent Patrol Status. You will also have regular Personal Development Reviews with your supervisor and be recommended for confirmation of appointment.